Brossard Savanes Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake (10.9oz/310g)

Brossard Savanes Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake (10.9oz/310g)

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Moist and rich marbled chocolate and vanilla pound cake.

The French have a beloved tradition known as "le goûter", also called "le quatre-heures", an integral part of daily French culture. The beauty of "le goûter" is that it encourages children (and adults!) to take a break and relish in a special treat. This simple marbled pound cake is perfect for your afternoon snacks, picnics, desserts, or any time you need a little sweetness.

French pastry maker Georges Brossard founded Brossard in the 1930's. Now his Savane pound cake, launched in 1962, has been a popular staple in French homes ever since!