Organic Honey Infused with Spirulina (125g)

Organic Honey Infused with Spirulina (125g)

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This honey originates from bees in Lot-et-Garonne, the Spirulina harvested from the Gironde area, a rich estuary filled with vineyards and lush vegetation in France. Add this mixture to your tea as you enjoy the energizing, antioxidant properties of the blue micro-algae superfood. Ingredients: 125g Honey and 2g of Spirulina from Julie, all Certified Organic!

Les Abeilles de Malescot (The Bees of Malescot) is a family-run farm for organic beekeeping in Lot de Garonne, in the Nouvelle-Aquitane region. Tradition and skills are passed from father to daughters, as well as a deep respect for nature and its inhabitants. On their 300-hectare organic farm, they have replaced traditional crops with flowering fallows, honey mixtures, and ancestral bee species naturally present in Southwest France.
Their #1 priority: the well-being of their bees. Sedentary hives offer their bees an ideal environment so that they can flourish and forage at will. Because of their principal love of bees, they want everyone to discover the bees' essential and terribly delicious work, making sweet, organic amber honey, by offering honey-based, gourmet, natural products. They make it a point of honor to offer high quality, tasty and environmentally friendly products that never contain artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives.

Discover the goodies made possible through the hard work of Les Abeilles de Malescot's little bees...