Natidiv New Generation Nipple 2-Packs
Natidiv New Generation Nipple 2-Packs
Natidiv New Generation Nipple 2-Packs

Natidiv New Generation Nipple 2-Packs

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Small, Medium, or Large-flow 2-Packs of Natidiv Nipples to fit Natidiv baby bottles. Single Bottles, and Bottle Systems also sold separately. Made in France.

Included: 2 Nipples

Flows: Small, Medium, Large

The New Generation baby bottle is Anti-colic & Lump-free! A stainless steel whisk inside the bottle breaks up powder lumps, resulting in perfectly mixed and smooth formula throughout the feeding. The lid at the base of the bottle closes the bottle during preparation for even more efficient and hygienic mixing (no more powder or lumps stuck in the nipple!). The bottle comes with a Medium Flow soft silicone, anti-colic nipple, which is ideal for thickened formulas. Perfect for breastmilk and for formulas.
The Natidiv line of baby bottles is designed with superior quality materials, and manufactured without BPA, BPS, nor phthalates. Silicone, Polypropylene, and medical-grade Stainless Steel are used instead to offer your baby durable and safe bottles.
Natidiv baby bottles are compliant with both European and US childcare standards (CPSIA).

Their eco-designed range of baby bottles is manufactured entirely in France.
The ergonomic design of the bottle makes it easy to hold.
All parts are removable, easy to clean, sterilizable and dishwasher safe.
The filter ring of the bottle allows the baby to drink serenely.
The stainless steel spinner facilitates the mixing of the thickened milk and ensures a fluid and homogeneous formula.
The whisk remains in the bottle during feeding.
The Natidiv bottle can also be used without its filter and spinner.

This bottle can be used in a bottle warmer or a microwave.