Bahia bread plates 5.5"
Bahia bread plates 5.5"

Bahia bread plates 5.5"

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The BAHIA Moonstone porcelain bread plate features a play of contrasts between the shiny combed enamel in the center and the matte porcelain on the edges.
White, a timeless and essential color, is honored by DEGRENNE. The brand celebrates this color and now welcomes it in a Moonstone version within the BAHIA collection.

Available on porcelain, this hue reveals the purity and elegance of the material by subtly revealing its relief and matte-gloss contrast. A true ode to purity and freshness that contributes to the highlighting of all culinary creations.

Composed of a wide variety of products, from plates to coffee pots, bowls and casseroles, this collection offers a delicate backdrop for the sublimation of many dishes.

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