A French Concept Boutique

Husband-and-wife team Michael Vannier and Melissa Lyons have been raising their two daughters, Chloe and Phoebe, in Northwest Houston for over 10 years. Born in France, Michael has worked in the hospitality/travel industry since 1994, while native Houstonian Melissa has a background in nursing.

For the past six years, they successfully managed a local travel agency. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are chasing their long-time dream of opening a boutique dedicated to importing authentic, traditional French products.

L’Hexagone (pronounced LEX-UH-GAWN) is French for “The Hexagon” and is a nickname the French people have given their country owing to its hexagonal shape. L’Hexagone is a concept boutique in the luxurious Vintage Park Shopping Center, featuring a wide selection of unique items and an ever-changing showroom of authentic products made in France or created in France and manufactured in various European facilities.

Michael and Melissa visit France several times a year and carefully hand-pick the best the country has to offer across various industries. The result is an impressive variety of curated brand partners with which Michael and Melissa have developed personal relationships. They vet every partner for quality and tradition. 

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