Terre de Mars


      Terre de Mars was inspired by the observation that Mother Nature is the richest source of beauty products. Just as your body requires nourishment from healthy foods, you must also care for your skin with natural active ingredients , like coffee.

      Terre de Mars draws inspiration from traditional wisdom and combine organic ingredients with modern techniques to create a novel line of effective treatments with unparalleled: “sensory richness”.

      The meeting of three minds

      In the sharing of a childhood memory, the simple coffee based beauty ritual of Poulad’s grandmother has now become the key to their business.

      Fascinated by the power of natural ingredients, they discover the incredible virtues of coffee and caffeine extract for the skin. They decided to create luxury body and face scrubs with coffee and precious oils.

      The world of luxury cosmetics is dominated by large companies who ignore the ecological impact of their products and do not value organic formulations. Terre de Mars is a new kind of brand; responding to the consumers desire for effective and elegant yet organic products while respecting a demand for ecological responsibility.

      The first unisex brand of natural coffee-based care, offers luxury beauty products produced entirely in France, organic certified , vegan and cruelty free. 

      15 products

      15 products