Phi 1.618 Paris


      Luxury leather goods made in France

      Authenticity, tradition & exceptional quality:

      All Phi1618's models are imagined, prototyped and manufactured in France, according to the rules of the saddler's tradition to ensure they are of exceptional quality and to perpetuate their artisanal know-how. 

      These customized products are available in a variety of colors and produced in limited quantities. 

      An Eco-responsible Brand:

      Juliette Angeletti carefully selects whole hides made of superb full grain leather from unused stocks held by major French luxury houses and their associated tanners.  Until recently, they were destroyed.

      The Golden Ratio

      The House of Phi1618 was born in reference to the Golden Ratio, called Phi. To see a video explaining what the Golden Ratio is, simply click here.

      Known since ancient times as the most elegant measurement of nature, this “divine proportion”, as it was called in the Middle Ages, governs the most beautiful works of nature and man: nautilus shells, cathedrals, the works of Leonardo da Vinci and even human DNA.

      The Phi1618 creations respect this proportion, which lends them elegance and timelessness.


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      8 products

      8 products