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      From Gabrielle Chanel to Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs or Azzedine Alaïa, fashion has often done justice to this timeless accessory, which punctuates an outfit and enhances the beauty of a woman. Of different shapes and materials, sometimes vintage, rock, bohemian chic, afro or street style, it speaks to all women, of all origins, all cultures and all ages.

      Cécilia, the owner and designer of Paina Pulz, finds in it an infinite source of inventiveness. Surrounded by a team of model makers, pattern makers and other designers, she signs many models herself, inspired by her travels to the Canary Islands, Tenerife, where she lived for a year, and Colombia, but also by high fashion, cinema, music, painting and nature. 

      "Païnitas": This is how Païna Pulz customers are referred to. Cécilia Brun has a very strong relationship with them. 

      If the name of the brand sounds phonetically "pineapples", it is not by chance: the pineapple, so graphic and so full of presence, itself topped with green, is the totem of the store and a unique source of inspiration.

      Inspiration in terms of colors, shapes and textures. The pineapple, the most graphic fruit, inspires and is trendy in fashion and home design. The pineapple itself is naturally topped with a beautiful green crown, the great headdress, the turban of all Païnita. It brings graphics, exoticism and presence to the outfit, and sublimates the beauty of each Païnita.

      Turban branded in the capital, Païna Pulz offers an exceptional collection by bringing the Turban up to date. An opportunity to admire unique pieces made of charm and totally artisanal. Païna Pulz presents many models of Turbans, as original as they are varied. A tribute to a very trendy fashion accessory that crosses the ages.

      In the new Païna Pulz boutique in Paris, taffeta, velvet and lace are on the menu. The Turban is revisited in a modern and classic style. There is something for every taste. The fashion for "Headwrap" has long been controversial, long perceived as reserved for certain cultures; Asian, Arab, or African, today, it's totally in! The "Headwear" is now invited in several parades and capitals of the world, even more, it is displayed. Considered less demanding and ultra-trendy, women have reclaimed the Turban. "The Turbanista" Have even come to light in the United States; among them, we can count Cara Delevigne, Marie-Kate Olsen, Nicole Scherzinger, Selma Hayek or Jennifer Lopez. Covering your head has never been so fashionable! To be a follower of the Païna Pulz turban is to become a Païnita!

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      23 products