La Rochere



        La Rochère was founded in 1475, now the oldest continuously working glass factory in Europe located in the forests of the Lorraine and Franche-Comté regions that provided firewood for furnaces and ferns, the ashes of which made the potash necessary for the glass fusion. From the very beginning, their intention was to develop methods, techniques, and products to withstand the test of time and they have proven their success in all three of these intentions. With its 500+ years history and its carefully preserved savoir-faire in glass creations, La Rochère is today more than just a brand, it is a treasure that has always been part of the history of French glassware. Thanks to its iconic products, La Rochère has made its mark throughout the passing ages. As a revered French company, they were awarded the EPV Label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) literally translated to “Living Heritage Company”. La Rochère proudly invites you to share in their poignant message – “Coming from the past and looking toward the future”.

        Being the proud owners of an ancient and precious know-how, they take particular care to preserve their hand-made glass workshop that is now complimented by their factory, with the singular desire to guarantee to produce objects that are always practical, reliable, aesthetic and inspired. Glassmaking is a demanding art requiring 10 years of training and apprenticeship with master artists are required before a craftsman can achieve their perfect mastery of tools and materials. No less than eight people are needed to make one glass. La Rochère has made a name for itself through its thirst for innovation, and thanks to their products that have become emblematic, such as the bee collection inspired by Napoleon’s coat of arms, and the famous glass brick commissioned by Le Corbusier for his famous ‘Citée Refuge’. While embracing new technology and innovation, their glassware has retained its traditional character and historical values. Always timeless and traditional, their inspired collections are continually being renewed to maintain their enduring brand, convey their unique style, and impart a strong impression on their proud new owners such as yourself.

        74 products

        74 products