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      Chapeau l’Artist!
      Dapper and smiling, Charlotte is an outstanding milliner who makes headwear for all heads, all ages, and all styles.

      For eight years, Charlotte has been designing unique models of hats and fashion accessories in her workshop in the Loir-et-Cher area of France.

      "Putting on a hat is a way of letting go, it's like an identity", explains this hat maker who never goes out without a hat.
      Self-taught, she began her career as a milliner when she was a casual performer.
      “Before being a milliner, I was a singer and a street theatre actress. For the stage, I needed hats to match my outfits so I made them myself", she says.
      A true chameleon artist, Charlotte became infatuated with hats in 2009 when she realized that her creations were popular.
      Supported by her husband, she then launched into the adventure by setting up her workshop in her house, where she lets her imagination run free and makes creations as whimsical and truculent as her vocal adventures.
      For more than 15 years, this diva of hats, scarves and other accessories has been fulfilling the desires of her growing number of customers by designing the hat or scarf of their dreams.

      The photos don't do it justice. These hats and scarves have become, in just a few months, one of our bestsellers.

      9 products

      9 products